What do you film?


We make high quality video content for television, and social media. We feel no business is too small to have beautiful video advertising to help promote their brand, product or business no matter what it is. We use the very latest in camera and drone technology to create stylish cinematic videos to use on any device or social media platform, and having created over 100 beautiful spots for many international clients we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to make it happen for you.


Do you film anywhere in the world?


Yes! We often travel all over the world, recently we have filmed projects in Russia, Greece, South Africa, Spain, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy even as far as Australia!


What are the costs?


The cost of filming largely depends on the number of days or camera crews needed to cover a particular project. Simply send us an email outlining your enquiry and a link to your website and we can reply with a tailored quote.

Do you charge VAT?


Yes UK based clients will have 20% VAT added to their invoice as standard.


When should payment be made?


We ask for 50% of the total invoice to confirm the booking before the shoot and then the remaining 50% on delivery of the approved finished film.


How do we pay?


We prefer bank transfer.


How many people are involved?


This depends on the number of days and crews needed to capture a particular project. Large ‘one’ day events benefit from having additional camera crews to capture more footage in a shorter period of time. However, some projects benefit from a shoot that runs over a number of days and can be filmed using one small camera crew.


Are you insured? 


Yes, we have public liability insurance with a limit of Indemnity of £5,000,000


Can I use any music track?


No, most music tracks are covered by copyright so there is a fee involved to use them on a film. We can arrange clearance for a music track should you want something specific, or have something written, although most of our clients opt for a library music track.


How long is the finished film?


This largely depends on the type of project. Most of our films range from 30 seconds up to 10 minutes. Our films are designed for television and social media where people’s attention is short, so our aim is to captivate viewers attention from beginning to end. We want our films to make products, businesses and ideas come alive and sing out from everything else, in our experience this is normally achieved with films of around 2 minutes.


How long does the film take to complete after filming?


You will receive a first cut of your film around 7 days after we have returned to our studios in London unless otherwise agreed.


Can I make changes?


Yes, we allow for a round of changes in our costs. Any further changes, we charge £350 per editing day.


How do I receive the film?


All our films are hosted on Vimeo. We will send you a special link which allows you to download it direct to your laptop.


Is it easy to embed my film into my own website or social media?


Yes, it couldn't be easier! On completion we send you a unique embedding code for you to embed the film seamlessly into your website or Facebook page, Twitter feed, Tumbler account, Instagram page etc


Can I make my film private?


Yes, just ask us and we’ll password protect it for you.

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