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The emergence of 360° video is an extremely exciting development for video content creators. It allows Facebook News Feed viewers to watch and share incredible fully immersive videos of products, experiences or destinations in a ground breaking and spectacular way.

News Feed viewers can now watch your video coming alive simply by turning their IOS device or dragging a finger to move around on their desktop and explore every possible angle in a scene. 360° Video is now also fully compatible with the Samsung Gear mobile (powered by Oculus) allowing viewers to actually step inside a 360° world directly from their Facebook News Feed, giving a completely unique and immersive experience.

wearecreativecontent are extremely excited about the significance this new technology brings to our clients, whether it be to showcase a tender, super yacht, event or destination, 360° Video gives you a profoundly thrilling experience which really is the closest thing to actually being there.

If you have yet to experience a 360° spherical video check out the clip below posted by GoPro onto Facebook earlier this week. Simply press play then click and drag on your desktop, or move your IOS device in any direction.

360° Video truly is an unforgettably powerful new platform to view your video content through. If you are interested on how your business could benefit from 360° Video please don’t hesitate to contact us, and become part of ths incredible and ground breaking 360° video community.

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